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sunset hands love woman
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She said she was shy,

I found it hard to believe

Understanding the magnificent creation of the Great ” I AM” was never easy

To this day the being created out of man’s own rib remains a mystic mystery.


Ha! How beautifully created in the image of the first woman to come from man’s rib.

Her chocolate skin colour,

As radiant as the smooth finish of the Cherry wood……

Eyes which are capable of making a grown man melt.

Her lips are certainly to die for!!

A soft voice which has a tint of love within it,

Every word from her mouth flows like fresh honey

With a body that has contours which leave nothing to the imagination of fragile-hearted men.


I wish to call her my ABENA ,but…….she claims someone owns her heart!

A wonderful person with high standards,

My muse and possibly my greatest weakness………

I’m certainly rich if indeed my heart is filled with an abundance of love for you……..Abena



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