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Tales Of A Commuter


Agoo eiii! Am I allowed to talk about the most interesting place in Accra? It’s not actually a place but rather our beloved trotro or troski (DBEES please ooo it’s the also known as the bus). Permission granted errh? Leggo!!!

The trotro is a place where after a long day you can just sit down, relax and enjoy the ride home. My only problem is that my legs don’t get enough space for comfort (disadvantage of being TALL). Experiences in the trotro can be scary, amusing and intriguing. Let’s start the story now…………….

So I did my internship at Herbalife Nutrition Ghana Limited, located on the Spintex Road (great place to work at). I closed work one nice Wednesday evening and boarded a car heading towards Circle (the mate said Kaneshie too but over time I’ve learnt that it’s just a marketing strategy). I paid the fare, 3 solid Ghana cedis, and relaxed by the window looking at other cars driving past. It was a relatively uneventful journey until we got to the 37 bus stop. These three fraud boys entered the troski and sat directly behind me (they were very noisy). I knew the fun had just began!

The first thing that happened was when the mate said; ” YESSS back seat”, then one of the guys (with a mouth bigger than that gutter at Alajo) said; “Relax we go pay.” The mate just nodded and went back to shadowing (Circle,Circle) then suddenly Kanesh-Kasoa (and I’m like well played bruh). Eventually they paid the fare for kasoa and continued their conversation. Then one of them got a call and started talking. At one point, he asked whoever he was speaking to (I later found out it was his woman), if she was sure she was pregnant. Sigh! I’m sure she said yes cox he said he wanted a boy….. Double sigh! just imagine! His friends started laughing and telling him how trapped he is now.

I had been too focused on ya boys, that I didn’t realize there was an argument between a slay queen and the mate. It was over a simple change of 20 Ghana pesewas. Yeah 20 pesewas! So the driver ordered the mate to give it to her which he did reluctantly. After that the mate just ignored slay mama’s insults and when we arrived at Nima junction she said bus stop. And what happened next made me laugh….. Slay mama missed he step when getting down and in trying not to fall reached out to the mate who in turn moved away and she landed on her butt on the hard pavement.

Mate: Next time 20 pesewas nti!!!!!

And I’m like savage mate. So I’ll end this tale here on this savage note. More to come!!!


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