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There comes a time where maturity becomes a necessity, a completely necessary trait which guides your path.                             I may have reached that stage a long time ago but my maturity had never been put to test.            Your voice still causes my heart to race as fast as a sprinter bus on the Accra- Tema motorway.           

That feeling makes me doubt my maturity but didn’t they say love makes you do crazy things (in this case imagine crazy things?)    You’ve always been difficult (in a good way) and yet here I am asking you to be my WIFE!   Yes be my wife!                                           The bond shared is like the one between a mother and a son (you know how that is). Take a chance, you never know how it ends. It may not be the easiest but it may just be the best. 
        People who say I’ll love you to the moon and back just amuse me ( come on you’ve not even been to the North Pole)…….Let me on the other hand be more reasonable; My love for you will travel from Bolgatanga-Wa, through to Bole Bamboi then to Kintampo and Wenchi……….. ah we aren’t done ooooo, down to Techiman running past the Garden City to Suhum (we’re almost there) to Nsawam and we enter Accra to the port along the coast. In a less dramatic manner, my love for you will travel the length of Ghana, all 788.6km of it.
  You share my dreams now but I want to build and share a home with you. My lady, you can say yes and do what we both agree is right.                                                   Undoubtedly, I’m not a complete man but you complete me with your love.                                                                                                                                                          



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