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The Hunter Becomes The Hunted…

They told me it wouldn’t last. I thought it was just jealousy, but come to think of it, I should’ve listened……. I swept you off your feet….you tried to do same but for fear of breaking your back you stopped

You weren’t supposed to be real….. Just a fictional character in my mind…… but there you were, stealing my heart and I simply obliged. If only I had realized how deceitful the words of your tongue were, I’d have found a way out of your web! Maybe I didn’t want out of your web! Maybe I just hoped (against my better judgement) that it was real.

A whirlwind they called it. Ha! How I scorned them! Now they scorn me! What good riddance to bad meat!

You plunged the dagger right through my heart and pulled it out with the coldness of a well-trained assassin. Leaving me languishing in a pool of blood, you fled. They saved me (my friends)! But not without rubbing it in my face!

I recovered and now I hunt for you……. Not for anything but my revenge……When I do hunt you down (which I will)…….You’ll realize the truth

The hunter is now the hunted one!


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