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So after my last post (Thoughts), I decided to give one of my regular readers a chance to propose a topic for me to write on…… The topic chosen was Soulmate and it was chosen by the ravishing and intelligent Angela……. There will be more of these requests so just start thinking about something, you never know when I’ll ask………

Everyone or at least most people believe that someday, sometime, they’re going to meet their soulmate. Some do meet them, others meet the person they thought was their soulmate only to be disappointed. Interestingly, others don’t believe that there’s a soulmate out there. The human mind is very suggestive and experiences tend to influence actions.

The simple question is who is a soulmate?

People have various ways of explaining who a soulmate is but there’s one particular definition, though controversial, that basically tells the whole story. A soulmate is a person who knew you and accepted you and believed in you before anyone else did wen no one else did. From this , it is fairly easy to categorize a soulmate into two categories.

Most people narrow it down to amorous relationships, which is fairly accurate and impossible to dispute or discredit. There’s this one person you just love and both of you connect in ways no one seems to understand. A soulmate is usually the number one person that inspires you. A soulmate is different from a normal lover. The thrill of finding a soulmate eclipses the thrill felt when you meet a lover. There’s always a difference in the kind of relationship forged with that person. Fair to say, a lover can actually become your soulmate. It may not be evident at first, but it is very possible that the relationship blossoms into something more beautiful.

Then there’s the other category of soulmate… A best friend can actually be a soulmate. Yes it’s actually possible. A special connection between best friends makes you realize how perfect your friendship is. A soulmate is supposed to be your rock at all times, your inspiration and most importantly, your best friend. Generally, best friends go beyond these parameters and deserve to be really cherished.

Your soulmate is somewhere waiting for the scales to fall off your eyes. Find them (lovers or besties) and keep the soulmate business going…….


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