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Tales of a Commuter- Season 2:Episode 1

Many of you thought we were done with our tales…… Fortunately or Unfortunately, we’ve returned from break time. Break Over pleaaaaaaaase! Welcome back to the classroom of commuters. In this class we give you the juiciest gist from our travels. Note this, every tale, however tall it may seem is not a fabrication or an interpretation of our imagination but are factual and actually happen. We promise to tell only the truth…..

If God decided that the world should end today, many people (who for security reasons cannot be mentioned) will not go to heaven. We can however single out a small group (rather large) of people who can be mentioned, they are trotro mates (worst case scenario we can’t enter a trotro again). Who can tell lies and cheat more than these people? Okay maybe our brothers in another field (again i won’t mention names). Honestly, mates take it to a whole new level. They will do anything just to get passengers. We as passengers usually have no option but to watch them commit crimes worthy of being called “Atrocities Against Mankind.” yep!!!!! It’s almost like they are trained special agents just like the Russian KGB agents of old. We always try as much as possible to avoid getting into childish, unladylike and ungentlemanly arguments with these kings of the trotro. If you haven’t noticed, the mate wields more power than the driver himself. If you don’t believe, take the instance were the mate says bus-stop. Can the driver ignore that? Not a chance!!!

It’s a new year, new season and new interesting tales from the team. With an episode every week, you’re bound to enjoy yourself. Some will make you laugh, others will make you cry and some will leave you furious. Just look forward to it. You can also get your personal tales ready and you might just become a guest writer. Once again welcome back to class!! The best class!! Signed by : The Association of Young Accra Commuters (AYAC)


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