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To Be or Not To Be?

I thought she’d be mine forever
Unknowingly, I lost her before I had her
How I lost her, I still don’t know!
You don’t lose what you don’t have
Why then do I feel like I lost her?

I built things in my imagination,
I dreamt of holding her tight
And professing my love to her….
Yet here we are today…..

I only wish I had made my chances count
I try to escape from my misery….
Yet at every turn you appear before me!
I may be willing to give it a try again…
Would you give me a chance to make things right?

Do I grasp at thin air?
Or do I just move on?
I still dream of locking lips with you
Once again it’s just a fantasy…..
If I possessed mind-reading abilities
I’d read your mind just to help me with this tough decision…..

Do we move or do we stay?
A dilemma worthy of recognition…
Do you want to let go?
Do you want to keep fighting?
Or are you also confused?


3 responses to “To Be or Not To Be?”

  1. Erm… Hmmm. Dave, I beg speak up wai. I doubt she’s a mind-reader. Besides, you never know.
    If you’re asking for a friend too, please pass it on.


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