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The less we say about the performance of the Black Satellites in Niger the better. How did they even qualify for the tournament? This is probably one of the worst performances ever by any Ghanaian team. It doesn’t come as much of a surprise though. The writing was on the wall for well over a month.

Ever since the introduction of the MRI at the youth levels, performances of Ghana have been dismal. This goes to show that indeed age cheating was rife not only in Ghana but Africa as a whole. It’s still a debatable issue as to how accurate the MRI is. If Ghana has sent players within the age range to this tournament and produced such an embarrassing display , then our great performances at other tournaments need to be reviewed. It is crystal clear that we’ve sent over-aged players to such tournaments. Some players actually admit to having their ages reduced or cut down in the past. Well that’s a big shame!

The performance of the team was dismal but could it have been avoided? A big YES! The tactical ineptitude of Jimmy Corbblah is shameful, disgusting and unbelievable!!!! A coach who said he doesn’t believe in having a tactical approach but rather he needs a starting 11 and subs, is that one too a coach? My personal decision not to watch the team in Niger was fixed after watching highlights of the team at the WAFU Zone B tournament last year

The team lacked a tactical identity and simply played according to the situation at hand. My respect for Jimmy Corbblah reduced when it was alleged that he he threatened to substitute a player for repeatedly losing the ball. They are young players for God’s sake. Some are even younger than myself! They need to make these mistakes in order to develop. One thing that continues to baffle me is why he decided to drop young goalkeeper Danlad Ibrahim. The young man is probably the best under 20 goalkeeper we have! No wonder on a radio phone-in programme, a caller said Jimmy Corbblah was coaching like his name (in Twi)

I’m glad I didn’t waste a minute of my time to watch a group of ineffective, under-aged, under-trained Rastafarians and a clueless,aimless, tactically bankrupt coach!


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