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Understanding women has always been difficult and it’s even more difficult in this age of technology. Ah well, it’s like someone said; “How can you understand women when they were created while you were asleep?” (please oo I didn’t say it) So I read an article and it inspired me to write this….

Radio silence is basically a situation where a person is ignored on social media. It’s mostly an act performed by women. Being on the wrong side of radio silence is an experience one won’t enjoy and I can say that most, if not all guys, have been on the wrong end of radio silence. Understanding the way the female mind works is a very complex and full-time job. I mean one moment the conversation is buzzing the next moment…. boom radio silence. I believe there are three main reasons for radio silence and of course that’s what i think

My first theory is that, the lady isn’t at all interested in you or the conversation. You can meet a very intelligent girl who seems to be interested in you and then the exchange of numbers takes place. After that rule number one of the ” Ladies vibing code” comes into play. Don’t text her immediately…….you’ll seem like a desperate and hopeless dog!!! After that period then the opening lines are done. Hopefully, that goes according to plan and the conversation begins. What’s more painful than a girl asking “who is this” and then when you give your name she totally ignores you? Ladies please that’s classless cmon!!!!! Well she may have just given you her number out of courtesy……. So if the opening lines worked the conversation can take one of two turns. Either it blossoms or it becomes a dead conversation. Since we’re dealing with radio silence we take the latter. Initially, there’s a conversation and then she starts taking her time to reply the messages (one hour becomes a day, a day becomes a week, etc. ) once this starts to happen, brothers, don’t even pursue the conversation any longer. She’s simply not interested. But ladies, please errh if you’re not interested say it k3k3 and let is go our way (this theory is mostly limited to single ladies)

Theory two is more of an assumption. She’s genuinely interested but she’s extremely busy or has something going on. This one is rare but occasionally you find a damsel with this kind of issue. Her radio silence is not intentional it’s just as a result of a situation at hand. Well of course it has to be a good reason. Ladies are usually glued to their phones and most of them check the screens of their phones whenever it buzzes. So if there’s not genuine reason for her radio silence…….SHE’S NOT INTERESTED!!!!

This third theory is linked to the second one. Most guys (myself inclusive) want to take things to the next level as quickly as possible simply because it’s in our nature. While most girls like a guy who knows his way about women, some find it disturbing. Things may be going too fast for her liking and since most women are control freaks, she goes radio silent to regain control. Smart huh? I still don’t understand them……… So the interest is at its peak but they want to control how, when and where everything happens.

The perfect way to distinguish between genuine interest and tolerance is the way she replies your messages (though it’s a tested method it differs amongst women.) One-worded answers and late replying is almost always a sign for you too bow out of the game whereas the more thought-off and elaborate answers with follow-ups for you is an encouragement. My dear ladies, Matthew 7:12 says that; “So IN EVERYTHING, do to others what you would have them do to you.” In everything ooo radio silence inclusive! If boys go radio silent the way you’ll complain errrh ……… so please have a little pity on us when you do that (or you’ve forgotten the Garden of Eden already?) If you don’t have interest in our convos tell us……… we have strong hearts.


One response to “THE THEORY OF RADIO SILENCE!!!”

  1. 😂😂 nice
    I learnt a new term today, thank you.
    We won’t stop. Some of you, that’s all you deserve. But, we’ll try to be kinder to the rest of you.


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