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Over the next few weeks, I’ll be taking you through what I call “The people of Ghana: A brief overview.” This project partly motivated by my love for Ghana and her people and also partly by a statement made by a lecturer of mine. He said; “In Rwanda, everybody is seen as one group of people. And while people belong to different tribes, people see themselves as one, Rwandan. This isn’t the case in Ghana, where we discriminate on tribes we see as lesser.

Initially, I didn’t want to believe it but after weeks of studying people around me, I conceded that indeed we have a problem. Tribal Discrimination has indeed plagued our country for so long that it is nearly impossible to trace its actual genesis. It is partly to blame for Ghana’s creeping development (and of course some questionable leadership decisions). In Rwanda, it took a civil war that killed thousands, if not millions, of people to bring them together. Now while I’m not saying Ghana needs that, I am bewildered (well probably not) as to why we can’t be one people after the events of the struggle for independence and even the hunger of 1983. You see, Ghanaians have what I like to call “Superiority Complex.” Need I emphasize? Not at all……

Personally speaking (more like writing), I’ve experienced first hand how Ewes are treated as the evil ones in Ghana because of the myths, legends and stories about their pagan practices. And yes I am an Ewe myself. Some people in the past have criticized me for allegedly denouncing my tribe. I however don’t believe that I have ever denounced the tribe of my father. I was not trained by my father be an Ewe neither was I trained by my mother to be an Akuapem, I was simple trained to be a GHANAIAN…..nothing more nothing less. There has to be a paradigm shift to get rid of that attitude among Ghanaians and most Africans. But then I’m going to talk about the Ghanaians tribes (groups of people seems a more prudent word) and try not to draw the ire of others.

God bless our homeland Ghana! And make us Great and Strong………….


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