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Didn’t make the mark in 2019? Move on…..

As the year 2019 gradually winds down, many people have reviewed the year as a whole. 2019 has indeed been a weird one with so many ups and downs along the way. In all things give thanks to God, no matter how the year went. One particular thing people seem to be doing is dwelling on their failures heading into the new year 2020. This creates a negative atmosphere for 2020 and can be detrimental to the potential successes in the coming year.

On the personal level, there were both failures and successes. Thankfully, I don’t believe in new year resolutions so I have no regrets there. That New Year, New Life mantra doesn’t really catch my fancy tbh. Coming back to my failures, I must say that most of them were centered around my writing. Looking back at 2019, people on the outside (my distinguished readers) would say that the year was super successful and they wouldn’t be wrong at all. The view of the people on the inside is that more could’ve been done which is also correct. The successes chalked certainly outnumbered the failures 10:1 or more, and as such should be celebrated. It’s only fair to share the failures or disappointments faced during the year.

Consistency in my writings was a major failure on my part this year. While my loyal readers were always ready to read whenever I returned from leave, the entertainment and activity suffered big hits. However, those periods of inconsistency taught me my biggest lesson as a writer. The truth is that you can’t always produce at the highest level, there will be dips in form which you can’t allow to define you. Wrapping all this up, I’ll touch on my greatest disappointment and I’ll be on my way. There’s no easy way to put this but many of my friends let me down. There were many articles posted on The Hub which went unread by many. The select group of loyalists always read and reposted while others genuinely forgot to read due to busy schedules and others just found it noisy.

Anyway, it’s all good lessons learnt. Thanks to all who’ve supported and let’s look forward to a better 2020. All in all looking back, 27 articles for 2019 wasn’t a bad figure at all.

Happy New Year in advance.


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