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From The Kaneshie Lockdown Base

I must say that, this lockdown is a really weird one. Now this is my usual lifestyle but there’s an added air of stress and uncertainty. A combination of these two is fatal but I think with roughly 9days left of this good lockdown, I should be able to survive this. The first few days have been super weird but considering I’ve been “locked” at home for close to 17 days it’s pretty much understandable. Let’s just say I’ve been slow PR rather reluctant to make use of this stay-at-home period. This period is different from school vacation because nobody is relaxed at least I know I’m not relaxed. Who’d have thought that a “Chinese Virus” as Donald J. Trump (errrm about the J. I must say everyone has their own interpretation for it) would put it. The world is on it’s knees and to think that economies are going into a recession because of one little “VIRUS.” These aren’t normal times but this too shall pass.

Now let’s talk about the way forward. There isn’t really much to do in this period but you can be creative. I for one intend to write a lot of content that will interest you over the next 10-15 days. It’s not a promise cox I can’t guarantee that I’ll be in a good spell of writing everyday. Whenever possible and I can promise that, at least twice a week you’ll receive an update. It may be a poem, tales of a commuter, a sports write up or just noise (I’m the specialist noisemaker)

Lets wrap this up shall we? COVID-19 is the enemy around right now and I wouldn’t want any of you lovely readers to get infected. So simply STAY AT HOME and read from here. There are over 40 articles on various topics on the HUB. Just stay at home and read…. when all this has passed you can go out and say bye bye to social distancing. I love you….. Yes you so stay safe and Spread Calm not Fear……

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