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Accra Academy: My Love Story

Accra Academy, Our Pride

The School of no Regret

In her our little minds were shaped

To serve our nation great.

Indeed, the choice to go to Accra Academy is one I have no regrets over. While others were struggling to make their choice, I had no doubt in my mind that I wanted to wear the Bleoo uniform and rep the gold and blue colours of the school. People did their best to convince me to choose a school elsewhere, to get a feel of boarding life. Apparently, if you’re a day student you don’t get the real feel of school life but I had my heart set on the school that is a 10min walk from my house, Accra Aca. While people chose schools based on their alleged “higher prestige”, I chose Accra Aca because I knew it was the school for me. I would make that same choice one million times with no regret in my heart.

My first Founders’ Day at Accra Aca

I still remember the first day I stepped onto the Bleoo land, my soon to be home for 3years. I took the environment in and I knew I hadn’t made a wrong choice. As a tall and shy 15year old without any friends in the school except a form 3 student who would be my guide and mentor throughout my first year. It was really weird because at the orientation, I met so many boys dressed in a white shirt and khaki shorts just like me. Remembering the first few days, which laid the foundation for a period of great learning experiences and memories, makes my eyes swell with tears.

Ever believed that what you say comes true? Well my mentor Freeman Osei-Tete Jnr. once asked me what class I’d like to be in and I simply said Business 3. Most of my readers know what happened after that. The next Monday, when the class lists were pasted in the various classrooms, I walked straight to 1 Business 3 and just glanced through the list and found my name right there…..LUMOR DAVE NORKPLIM

This is just the beginning of a great love story……

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