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Show Me Your 32!!! It’s SMILE DAY!

A wise man once said, “It takes 17 muscles to smile and 43 muscles to frown, so why waste more energy and effort to frown?” (Was it really a wise man? I can’t say I remember too well). This piece of information pushed me to our dear sister, Google to verify this peculiar fact. Let’s say the man is wise like I stated earlier (maybe he used google like I did). Anyway, it’s true and this information is quite vital. I’m quite sure my readers will take the bold decision to smile more.

On the first Friday in October each year, people across the world observe the World Smile Day. Worldwide, people are encouraged to smile and show kindness to at least one person. The man behind the smiley face emoji, Harvey Ball, is the originator of this perfect gift to the world. Ball’s main aim behind the smiley face and World Smile Day was to spread cheer and goodwill to everyone across the world no matter what situation one may be in. This idea is a phenomenal and I personally subscribe to it. I believe that we’re better-off smiling than frowning or crying no matter what. Well if you smile too much, it could raise questions about your sanity.

Over the last few months, I’ve learnt how important it is to make people smile, which is the main reason behind my posting spree on my WhatsApp status. I’ve had people ask me tricky questions like, “what makes Dave smile?” I call this “tricky” because there are so many things that make me smile. First thing that comes to mind is food (like who doesn’t smile when they see food). I may sound like a foodie to you but like I once told someone “I can neither deny nor confirm this piece of information.”

One other thing that makes me smile is seeing someone else smile because of me. It’s pretty gratifying because making someone smile gives a feeling of warmth and even more happiness. Many people have asked whether I’m a comedian simply because I always find a way to make someone smile in any situation. (Yeah they say I’m funny….maybe I should start a comedy show).

Watching my favorite football teams win is one thing that makes me happy. I’m a staunch supporter of Chelsea (the original blues), glorious Accra Hearts of Oak (the Continental club masters), Milan (the Rossoneri), among others. My heart literally beats for football.

A person who displays love for God and love for his fellow man makes me smile a whole lot.

Okay Okay!….I’ve said a whole lot of things (some people won’t remember though) so let me summarize it in two sentences. Today is a day for smiling, making someone smile and doing random acts for kindness. No matter the time this post reaches you, you can make someone smile.

Hold on!!!! I forgot to add that good Ghanaian worship music gives me goosebumps and makes me smile too.

Alright peeps, we’re done for today. The Blogtober journey continues, we’ve got 29 days more to finish up. Expect more from us in the coming days and keep sharing this link until it reaches Afghanistan, Barbados (simply put, the ends of the earth). Keep smiling and don’t frown. Smiling is good for your health.


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