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Blogtober Day 5: Things of the Spirit.

We are into day 5 of our blogtober challenge and the feedback and support has been massive so far. Today’s task has to do with spiritual growth. I must confess that it’s been a weird day for me but here I am delivering on my promise. This particular post has no set structure but I’m sure that the Holy Spirit will lead you to understand my train of thoughts.

I’ve been writing a whole lot throughout the day and none of what is on my sheet has felt like the right thing. This evening has been kinder to me and I found the right topic for my loyal readers.

The Wind of Revival album is by far my favorite gospel album and some people will find it unsurprising. That album is made up of powerful songs that minister to the soul. This album is a blend of worship, praise and songs of the spirit that have been carefully arranged to minister to the body of Christ. Joe Mettle and the Love Gift did an amazing job of revealing the special things of God. All the songs on the album have a different impact but “Pentecost” and “Fa me sie” are two of my favourite on the thirteen song album. If you don’t have that album from Joe Mettle, you should do your best to get hold of it and listen to powerful spiritual songs.

I intended to make today’s post a short one but a new song, which I can’t ignore, dropped into my spirit. ‘Onyame Tumfo” is a song, originally by Apostle Professor Opoku Onyinah and performed by Siisi Baidoo and Crafted Nation, which ignites a desire to pray and has been on repeat since I discovered it a couple of weeks ago. This is a prayer song that speaks about how God watches over us every day of our lives. His mighty wings cover and protect us from evil. This is a powerful prayer song and because of the love I have for all my readers, I’ve attached the link to the video. It is my prayer that the song will bless you and you’ll share the link to all your friends.

Father in heaven, your word ministered in song is powerful weapon for the end-time revival. I pray that these songs will inspire people to put their trust in only You. Amen!!!


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