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Today’s challenge has given me the chance to feature a poem by a young budding writer. This lady is a lover of literature and enjoys writing. I’m not really a poet but I do know a good piece of artwork . I hope you enjoy it and give me your feedback in the comments. Here we go!!!

A Poem by Queenie -Freda Lumor

It was dingy and dimly lit
A cloak of mustiness covered the thick curtains
A captive stood in the centre of the matchbox-like room
Taken captive, not by the hands of men
But by the claws of beauty
The Lady in Red
Behind a veil of dust
She sat imprinted on canvas
The poverty of the room’s lighting
Did nothing to quench the fiery glow of her skin
The cold heat in her eyes seemed to engulf her prisoner
A cool confidence laced her stare
The Lady in Red
The meekness of her smile
Defied the aura of power she possessed
In her ears; sparkling emeralds
Around her shoulders; a cascade of raven-black locks
Her fingers; bare but for a thin golden band
Her posture told a story of a woman with spunk
The Lady in Red
She stared at him
Her eyes smoldered with emotion
Before him, she sat
As alive as life itself
He wished he had known her
The Lady in Red

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