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She Loves Me…….She Loves Me Not

Sometimes we do things to people who love us and it ends up coming back to bite us hard. Honestly, you do something which feels right but it’s nowhere near right. Decisions concerning matters of the heart are big and can’t be taken lightly. (Experience inspired this piece and for those who will try to coerce the details out of me…….sorry it won’t happen.)

Women are a complicated drawing and to understand them, you need to have an artistic mind. The complex set of attributes women possess can drive you crazy. A woman is capable of loving you with her all and then seem to stop or actually stop loving you with a blink of an eye (this isn’t the story for today though). Shall we proceed to why; “she loves me…..she loves me not?”

I knew she loved me, it was very clear to me.
Was it the purest form of love?
That is a question for the gods
I had a decision to take, and it was a difficult one
Jumping into the deep end was the best option
It was a clean jump but still a dangerous one
In the mind, you knew something,
It could go sideways, outta nowhere
She’s special and a rare kind of special
Beauty personified and elegance poured out
She may not love the way others love
But she genuinely loves you.
Doubts may creep in and you get confused
She loves me? She loves me not?
With hope in your heart and love in your being
Her return is anticipated to prove……She loves me
If she doesn’t….then she loves me not.
For now though, it’s an empty space

Let’s share our experiences of heartbreak in the comments. I solemnly promise to share my experience with you so feel free and let’s do this. Here we go!!!


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