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COVID-19 Diaries: Adapting To the New Normal

Seven months of the new normal has given me both good and weird vibes. I’ve been amused by complaints made by some friends concerning staying at home. It’s quite different staying at home this time, but I must confess that it’s basically how I live (home, home, and home.) I’ve complied with the protocols set in place to control the spread of COVID-19 (in a very strict manner) and in some cases, this has drawn the ire of some friends. (Some of them were very pissed off and gave me names but hey, we move!) Initially, I was a bit sad considering the people who made those comments but after a period of self-reflection I decided that there’s nothing wrong with being extra cautious. (Hospitals aren’t nice places like that)

I’ve had so many interactions with friends over text, with a limited number of calls. Everyone is going through something and this has taught me to close ranks and check on people regularly. I did this to give assurances and motivate them to stay strong until this phase of the crisis passes. Certain bonds have become stronger (rather surprisingly) and that is one of the positives of having lots of time on my hands.

Being locked down and all has its advantages and disadvantages when considering the spiritual aspect of life. You do your very best to stay in shape but there’s always the possibility of gaining a little weight. On my part, I’ve gained quite a bit of weight both physically and spiritually. The good thing is that I’m still in good shape and gradually shedding the excess weight.

This year has been a new experience in almost every aspect but it’s laying the foundation for growth and development in the coming months. In the meantime let’s keep staying safe at home. My advice? Don’t be in a rush to go out but if you do, “Wear your face mask.” Let’s be tactful in our actions and soon enough corona will be gone.

I hope you’ve enjoyed day 8 and let’s talk about our corona experiences in the comments. Cheers!!!


2 responses to “COVID-19 Diaries: Adapting To the New Normal”

  1. Now di3r facemasks are for fashion oh. Most people feel the worst is over so like an accessory, we don it when we feel like.
    I’ve also progressively gained weight. Please help a sister out and share your weight loss tips. Very necessary.
    Thanks for sharing, Dave👍🏾

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    • Complacency is setting in and I just hope we don’t regret it soon.
      As for the weight loss, I’ve found out that a 5km walk like once or twice a week works
      sad thing is that I still can’t say bye to my favorite foods. Hopefully you find the right balance


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