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Anticipation: Three Six Five

Three hundred days I waited
I waited to see your face
To feel the warmth of your skin
Three months came and went without
 giving any indication of your return
Three weeks later, it became clear that 
the wait would continue for another three
Three days? Three hours? Three minutes? 
Three seconds?
Well that’s easy
Three days, three hours three minutes 
and three seconds to end that wait.
Sixty days with you flashed by like an athlete running 
the home strait of an Olympic 200m final
It felt like six days really but full of peace
Every day at 06:00 hours, you’d open those beautiful
 eyes after a peaceful sleep
And for six minutes, I look into your charming face 
and smile very sheepishly
Six seconds? That’s how long it takes me to say my first
Careful to emphasize each word just to make sure you
 know it’s true
In five days you’ll be gone and the loneliness will set in
Down to the last 5 hours of your stay
I’ll cherish every single moment with you
While spending the last 5 minutes planning your return
And in 5 seconds, goodbyes would be done
The anticipation builds in anticipation of your return
Another 365? Maybe…..maybe not
For now it’s peaceful and relaxing
Yes, for now!!!

Hey guys, that rounds up our 9th day of Blogtober and I hope you’re enjoying the amazing content (share the link too). Let’s chit-chat in the comments and share your experiences so far. Here we go!!!


2 responses to “Anticipation: Three Six Five”

    • Thanks Pheebs.
      Well this piece was inspired by a young lady I had an interest in. She left for a long while and came back for just a short while. And boom she left again……


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