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World Mental Health Day: Are You Depressed?

Mental health is one of the most under-appreciated aspects of human health. According to the WHO, more than 264 million people, of all ages, suffer from depression. Depression is one of the leading mental health illnesses across the world. The worrying thing about depression is the fact that many people suffer from depression at a point in life without knowing it. It’s quite scary knowing that while reading this you may actually be depressed. (Yep! And you don’t know it)

Seeking professional help is very important and I believe when you feel something isn’t right, you should seek help. However, our society has made seeking help “a crime” of sorts. Depression is the major cause of suicide among young adults. Depression has the potential to become a serious health condition that requires long periods of therapy. Many Africans have the perception that talking to a stranger about your mental health is a bad thing. (That’s the society we live in.) We have thousands of men and women suffering from different grades of depression and refusing to seek professional help, right here in Ghana.

Today is dedicated to educate people on why mental health should not be overlooked. Depression, anxiety disorders, post-traumatic stress disease (PTSD), eating disorders and bipolar disorders are some of the mental health illnesses people have. The illnesses are caused by stress, loss, financial hardship and effects of some medication. When left untreated, people tend to self-harm and in extreme cases commit suicide. I challenge you to be observant and seek professional help when you feel your mental health is questionable. Do same for your loved ones and help them get help. Let’s help each other in any way possible.

I believe in good mental health. Please seek help early if you see any warning signs. Suicide or self-harm is never an option!


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