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Pink October: Get Checked Out

There are about 1.7 million cases and 522,000 deaths from breast cancer globally each year. This is why October has been set aside to create awareness breast cancer to help reduce cases drastically. Breast cancer is the most common type of cancer among women and is more prevalent in middle and low-income countries. Most of these middle and low countries have weak health systems or breast care systems which lead to late detection and potentially death.

Early detection is the cornerstone for breast cancer control across the globe. Breast cancer education has improved over the last few years and most women in the urban areas are able to do self-checks to ensure that all is well. Unfortunately, those in the hinterlands usually don’t have access to such educational materials which would help them to detect changes in their breasts. There is some hope in that regard though. Breast cancer awareness groups in Ghana are doing everything possible to reach these women (and men) in the hinterlands and give them the needed education. This is a good start for the future as breast care has become very important .

Today, I want to advise all women to do the self-check if you’ve never than it. You can also visit any health facility and get a free breast examination. Let’s spread the message of breast care throughout this month and beyond. Wear pink to show your support for breast cancer awareness.


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