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An Address to the Good People of Ghana.

Fellow countrymen, despite the drastic drop in new cases, the pandemic has by no means blown over. The scenes in our markets, lorry parks and other public places are a cause for worry. It is disappointing to see people walk around with a complete disregard for COVID protocols. The good people of Ghana need to wake up from their slumber and realize the potential dangers ahead. Health officials remain concerned that a complete disregard for these protocols could lead to a spike in cases. In some countries, the dreaded second wave of infections has hit even harder than the first wave. The good people of Ghana have been spared that second wave and still enjoy relatively low death, hospitalization and infection rates. We must do everything in our power to ensure that the successes chalked since March, are not wiped-out due to complacency.

Fellow countrymen, there is nothing better than being spared when the pestilence is running wild across the world. We have miraculously been spared only by the grace of God. However, to continue enjoying the grace, the good people of Ghana need to take care of themselves. This is a clarion call that should reach the 16 regions of Ghana and make an impact on the people. Nose masks should still be worn and sanitizing is still key to preventing a spike in the infections. You and I need to observe the various protocols despite being afforded a period of respite. We must keep ourselves safe as we continue to rebuild our lives in the coming months. The rebuilding process is a difficult one but with God on our side we will be restored. We have a charge to keep as Ghanaians.

As our president always says; “Fellow Ghanaians, this too shall pass because the battle is still the Lord’s.” God bless our homeland Ghana and make her great and strong. Thank you all for reading and sharing! Be safe and be good!


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