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Blogtober Day 17: An Appreciation Post

Blogtober has been a very beautiful month so far and I can’t wait to see what the next 14 days holds for us. (By us I mean myself and you, my loyal readers.) For the past 16 days I have provided content without fail and the reception I’ve received has pushed me to do more. The journey has been a tasking one and before I get to my appreciation you’re gonna read all about it. The challenge has been a challenging one. For 17 days I’ve been pushing my mind and body to new heights which is a new experience. Posting involves the writing, editing, typing, proofreading, organizing the image presentation and finally posting it. After posting, the link is shared and that in itself is a job. I must admit that I’ve surpassed my previously record of 6 pieces written (some posted, others not) in one month. Yep! I’ve done more than 2x of the previous record. Cheers on this new feat in my blogging journey. Let’s move on to the appreciation.

I’m playing with different ideas with regards to how to start this appreciation post. First of all, I want you to join me to give thanks to the Most High God, for the strength and the skills he’s given me throughout this period. Without God, I wouldn’t have these amazing writing skills (this is not my pronouncement, many people have said it’s amazing)

Moving forward, I have to thank the lovely Poetess Akosua for throwing this challenge to me. This young lady has been a big fan of my work and I’m also a big fan of her work. Yep! Poetess Akosua is amazing! I enjoy her work so much. Aunty Akosua thanks for this opportunity to do new things. Thanks again to Akosua for introducing me to an amazing group of bloggers. These guys are amazing and have provided the perfect support system since this challenge began 17 days ago. Each member of the team has chipped in with a positive comment, a critique and everything else over the last few weeks. Marietta, Tracy (Wisdomknot), Mr Oduro and Nana have been amazing and I want to say thank you to you guys. Let’s finish this challenge together.

The next group of people I’d like to thank is those on my broadcast list. The 27 young men and young ladies on that broadcast list are part of my motivation going into the next 14 days. Not once over the first 16 days has any one of them complained that I’m disturbing them with my stuff. Not a grumble about me not texting them but sending them my links. That creates an enabling environment for quality service delivery. I just want to say that I appreciate every shared link and read post. To the 27 of you, please don’t get tired of me (pleaaaaaaasssssssseeeeee). I appreciate your kindness and support.

Finally, finally, we’ve climaxed this post and it’s been an amazing journey today. Blogtober is still on for another 14 days and hey I know we’re in second gear for now. My promise to you is that it’s 14 days of top notch poems, articles and I have surprise in store for you. For now, let’s share all links to the previous posts and get more people to read. Thanks for your time and I love you all.


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