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The Future of Ghana

As youth, we need to realize that we are next in line for leadership roles

The current crop of leaders are fading out and are passing the leadership torch to the youth of this country Ghana.

The problem is that we as youth are no where near ready to take up the mantle.

We behave like leadership is just a fancy term for “chopping money.”

That mindset has created confusion and it’s scary knowing that the future leaders lack the drive and desire to make an impact.

Arise oh youth of Ghana! Awaken from your slumber and effect the change you desire. Change doesn’t just occur…for change to occur there has to be a catalyst.

During the Impeachment trial of U.S president Donald Trump, a lawmaker said that; “Removing a president from office takes away voters’ rights. If they want a change, let them make the change on election day.”

For the betterment and preservation of the country for future generations, the youth must join hands and make an impact on society.

We may have moments of discouragement and failure but we must remember that a failure today, prepares us for tomorrow. That tomorrow will be better than today and will bring us a step closer to our goals. The sun will rise and we will try again. God bless you all.


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