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You Have Built Nations of Men!

You have built nations of men!

You will make great men of them

Generations of scholars salute you;

Black and Grey acknowledge you.

A life-time of feeding

In thought, in word and deed.

Esse quam Videri! Esse quam Videri!
Esse quam Videri!
True to that spirit we live
Grasp the substance! Leave the shadow!
Then onward to the Truth
Esse quam Videri-our Great Family!

This anthem was one of the first things you learn as a freshman in the great Accra Academy and one of the last songs you sing before you finally leave the school. For three years in Accra Academy, this song kept ringing in my ears. The words of this song strikes a nerve every time I hear it and reminds me that the school has contributed to my life in a big way. I’ve been out of school for 3 years and I remember this anthem to the letter. The school is an academy of education with a high level of excellence. Indeed, Accra Aca has built nations of men and the great men are being made all across the globe. The Bleoo spirit is strong within me and I’m sure that all Bleoobi feel that sweet fire within.

I’ve come to understand and appreciate the words of the song. Accra Aca remains one of the best phases of my life and I have no regrets in my heart. Those three years were phenomenal and full of great experiences that have built me as a man. Accra Aca taught me many things, brought me great friends and served as the springboard for me to move higher in both education and life. Esse quam Videri-our Great Family! Accra Aca…..Bleoo


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