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Election 2020: Ghana Needs Peace to Reign

Since the start of the 4th Republic, Ghana has conducted 7 peaceful elections. Ghana has created a reputation for conducting peaceful elections with relatively isolated cases of violence over the years. Governments have come and gone but the peace in Ghana has remained solid. The two major political parties, NPP and NDC, have shared power since 1992 with the NDC being in power for 16 years and the NPP being in power for 12 years. The peaceful nature of elections has seen results disputed at the Supreme Court in 2012, in a landmark for our democracy. This year’s elections is 47days away and the build up to 7th December has been relatively peaceful, again with isolated cases of violence.

The campaigns of the various political parties has been “clean” in some cases and dirty in others. The National Peace Council, the Asantehene and other respected bodies and individuals have called on all political parties and candidates to run a campaign devoid of insults, personality attacks and false claims. Party faithful and leaders are doing quite well in that regard. However, the nation is still a long way from seeing campaigns completely free of such acts as a way of scoring cheap political points. In the not too distant future, it is the hope that many Ghanaians that campaigns will be run based on the facts of the matter and not “unnecessary attacks.”

The 2020 General Elections will further deepen Ghana’s credentials as a leader in modern day democracy, if we put party colours aside and put Ghana first. Ghana needs peace for the sake of the next generation. After supporting your political party, remember that Ghana comes first and your life also matters. I stand for peace in the 2020 General Elections.

God Bless Our Homeland Ghana and Make Her Great and Strong!!


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