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Election 2020: The Message of Peace

The 2020 general elections is almost upon us and citizens are closely monitoring the various processes that will contribute to peaceful elections come 7th December. This election will have, as many as, 12 presidential aspirants appearing on the ballot paper. This year, there are quite a number of new faces on the presidential ballot. The Electoral Commission (EC) has passed these 12 candidates, made up of 9 men and 3 women.

In the lead up to 7th December 2020, the EC has come under fire especially from the main opposition party, NDC. The NDC first disputed the compilation of a new voters’ register and more recently, the balloting process for selecting how political parties appear on the final ballot sheet. The EC has handled all these grievances professionally, to ensure that the political temperature does not rise to unhealthy levels. EC chair, Jean Mensah, has assure Ghanaians that this election will be free, fair and credible.

As a political activist and more importantly an advocate for peace, I am delighted with the way all political campaigns have been run (peacefully) and the EC’s management of situations. The security agencies will need to be on top of the situation to ensure that peace is maintained across the 16 regions of Ghana. Come 7th December, I urge all citizens to maintain peace by avoiding any form of electoral violence. Go home after casting your vote. Before, during and after the election, let’s all be peaceful and air our grievances through the right channels. I need you alive and Ghana needs you alive. Be safe for Ghana! Be safe for your family! Be safe for Ghana!


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