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Your Personal Safety Class

My blogtober journey has been full of surprises and lessons which will shape my writing career in the near future. Today’s post is centered on giving advice on how to stay safe between now and the end of the year. The election year is notorious for many accidents, kidnapping and deaths, among others. This year has been no different but fortunately, it has been largely reduced.

Safety 101, teaches us not to accept lifts from strangers. Growing up, our parents drummed it into our heads that if someone you don’t know offers you a ride you politely say no and walk away no matter what. If the person insists just remain firm and walk away…..simple! This teaching applies even today as we head towards the election period and Christmas. Please and please again, people seek blood and will use any means possible to satisfy the blood-thirsty altars. Be safe!

Safety 202, avoid staying late as much as possible. Cases of armed robbery have been reported across the country. These criminals are unscrupulous and will do anything just to get their “booty.” Late nights are the “cocoa season” for these robbers who have many aces up their sleeve. I won’t say don’t go out, but when you do try and get home as early as possible.

Safety 007 is the newest law of safety, which is also very important. Everyone is advised to avoid leaving drinks and water unattended to, especially in the public places. This is important because there is an increase in the number of people who have been drugged at parties, social events and other ceremonies. Stay vigilant! If possible carry your drink with you or finish it up just in case. It’s better to be safe than sorry. Be safe for Ghana! Be save for your family! Be safe for yourself!


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