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When Heaven Called Out…..

MHB 411: Head of Thy Church triumphant

1 Head of Thy Church triumphant

We joyfully adore Thee;

Till Thou appear, Thy members here

Shall sing like those in glory:

We lift our hearts and voices

With blest anticipation,

And cry aloud, and give to God

The praise of our salvation

4 By faith we see the glory

To which Thou shalt restore us

The cross despise for that high prize

Which Thou hast set before us;

And if Thou count us worthy

We each, as dying Stephen

Shall see Thee stand at God’s right hand

To take us up to heaven

This is a very popular hymn written by great hymn-writer, Charles Wesley. He is considered the greatest hymn-writer of the Wesley family and by extension greatest hymn-writer of all ages, taking quantity and quality into consideration. I’ve always loved the first verse of this great hymn (I enjoy singing the part that says; “and cry aloud and give to God…..”) Recently I discovered the fourth verse and loved it almost as much as the first.

Kindly share your favorite hymn in the comments. I would love to add-on to my hymn collection.


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