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The Penultimate Day of Blogtober

When I took up this challenge, my first question was; “How am I going to deliver content for 31 days straight?” This question bugged me for quite a few days but that didn’t scare me. Fast forward to 29th October, I have successfully provided content everyday since 1st October. It has been a month of lessons, experiences and great pieces. In this post I’ll be addressing a few of these and a challenge or two I’ve faced.

Nothing is impossible

A challenge that requires providing written content for 31 days is a daunting and near impossible task. The catch is that putting things in writing consistently is quite difficult. There needs to be dynamism and constant improvement when taking up a challenge like Blogtober. What I learnt was how to be dynamic and step outside my comfort zone. When faced with a challenge you need to be positive and avoid any negative thoughts that make it seem impossible.

You need a support system

Being a lone ranger doesn’t do much for your progress as a writer. You need to have like-minded people around you to serve as your backbone. Throughout this challenge, there’s been support from a group of talented writers; who’ve read, edited and done proofreading of the content. At home too, I’ve had support from all those around me and for the duration of this challenge, they’ve had the final read before this post goes live each day. This support system has helped ensure that every single post is ready for my readers. Thanks guys, you’ve been a big help!

Readers are part of your motivation

If no one reads your content, then there is just no reason for you to keep going. Comments, likes, shares, discussions; these things stir up a fire within a writer. It’s not always a smooth road when it comes to readers. Some days have a large number of readers and others just a meagre number. The real motivation is the fact that one reader is enough to make a writer write again. For the sake of that reader you would like to try harder to improve. Thanks to all readers from day 1 to day 30. You guys rock!

It won’t always be rosy

Pursuing a career in writing can prove difficult no matter how talented a writer is. Blogtober has been a journey with a number of ups and downs. I’ve had moments where I question the suitability of a piece before I finally post. Personally, I struggled with some of the content and I’m the first person to give them low ratings. It would be naïve of me to think that I will be able to deliver at 100% everyday when in reality, I may deliver at 50% potential on some days.

It’s been a wonderful journey with you guys and I can’t wait to reach the mountain top tomorrow. As we prepare to reach the top, kindly share with me your favorite posts this month and the critiques are very much welcome. Huge thanks go out to the team that I started this challenge with, you guys are great. Tomorrow is the day for the “Last Dance” and I am anxious to see what I come up with. Let’s share this one and anticipate Day 31……..Let’s do this!!


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