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A Big End To The Year On The Hub

So here we are again! Christmas has come and is waltzing away into the orange sunset. I’ve been absent since the Blogtober challenge ended and it hasn’t felt right at all. I would say I’ve struggled to write anything of any kind for almost two months. These struggles have been tiring, frustrating and unbearable but they’ve taught me some pretty harsh lessons.

I was unable to birth my new project for December (Twelve Days of Christmas) and it’s left a sour taste in my mouth. This idea was centered around the happenings of 2020 in my life and the world as a whole. Breaking it down into 12 months and 12 posts, telling the story where possible or just having a fun time with my imagination. I’ve tried my very best but I’m not at my best (see what I did there?)
Enough whining over my unfortunate struggles let’s look at a way to round off an eventful year in some style. Instead of twelve independent pieces for the series, I’ve committed to six pieces, each containing the story or musing for two months of the year (in sequence). This I believe is achievable and a good way to finish strong after everything.

Yep!! The Overcomer’s Attitude

Let’s sign off…..shall we? Before we take off, I’d like to appreciate you. Yep! The person reading this you’ve been a great support in 2020. It doesn’t matter if this is your first visit you’re part of The Hub Family and I am pleased to be your humble, ever-faithful professional Servant Writer. Special shoutouts to the lovely Poetess Akosua. This lady has probably been my biggest fan (I’m your biggest fan tho) and she’s been amazing from day 1. I’d like to say more but there’s a wise saying that goes like this; “3ny3 biribiara na y3 ka w) badwam.” This means that; “It isn’t every detail/ bit of information we share in public.

For now we’re heading into another period of writing and my readers will marvel at what we (ME, MYSELF and I) have in store for you.
See you soon!!!


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