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In the last two days I’ve been deep in thought and I’ve wondered if this post would go up or not. This whole year has been an experience that will never be forgotten. There’s a lot out there about how bad this year has been, but the glaring omission is the good things that happened this year.
I’m not saying I didn’t have bad times this year . There have also been the fun days, exciting ones and what I call the days.

This pandemic has taught us how to live and care even more for people because you never know what could happen next.  So yes 2020 was messed up. I lost friends, lost relationships, hurt people, almost lost my way etc etc. It wasn’t easy at first but all things have worked together and are seemingly running smoothly.

I’m thankful for 2020 despite all the messed up things and I’m grateful for 2021 because one bad day prepares you for better days in the near future. We crossover in say 12 hours, here in Ghana and across the world at some point tonight, 2021 comes upon us. By the grace of God we’ll enter that new year and make it better, make people feel better and make ourselves better.

Start 2021 with Joy Elephantine.

Joy Elephantine ☺️☺️💙


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