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Depression: The Silent Pandemic

This is a delicate topic and which is gaining more attention throughout this pandemic. Many people have shown signs of being depressed in the last year but people around them have mostly failed to notice the red flags which has made fighting this societal menace as difficult as eradicating the COVID-19 Pandemic.

What then is depression? A mental health disorder characterised by persistently depressed mood or loss of interest in activities, causing significant impairment in daily life. Depression is known to have a negative effect on sleep patterns, appetite and even personal hygiene.

What are some signs to look out for? Loss of interest, mood swings, irritability, restlessness and social isolation are some signs a depressed person may exhibit. While some of these signs may not be closely associated with depression, it is very necessary to check in with the person just to establish a sense of belonging. Most people suffering from depression are unable to share because those around them don’t give them a listening ear. Listening to a person who has shown signs of drastic change is key in helping them avoid depression or come out of it altogether.

I’m particular about helping guys with depression issues based on the simple fact that men are expected to be strong enough to deal with their problems themselves. Yep! Men have to fight their demons alone because there’s no one to listen to them. That is the wrong way to go in a world that advocates for equality. I’ve seen so many guys deal with depression on their own because of this and unfortunately some cases haven’t ended well. I personally think we need to be consistent with some of the decisions we make for society. Read this…..We want women to be treated the same as men but if a man needs mental health assistance he should deal with it himself. Consistency is key to forging a working society. Depression doesn’t affect only women but also men and we need to make that crystal clear without any reservations. We need to be observant and caring especially in these times where surviving each day in itself is a battle that drains a person.

I know many friends who have suffered from depression and some of the stories they share with you can make you tear up and wonder how someone so sweet and nice went through something like that. I’ve learnt that people have been through things that we don’t know about and this lack of knowledge influences our behavior towards them. My advice is this be kind to people no matter what they do to you because you don’t know what they’ve been through and why they are the way they are. With the permission of a close friend, I’ve attached her story about depression and I want you to know that if you experience anything like that speak to someone about it. I’m always here for my readers and you can hit me up to talk and I’ll gladly help you out the best way I can. Spread Love in 2021

A short story really

Contact me by email if you’d like to talk 🙏🏽💓❤️


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