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On 11th March, 2021 I took my first dose of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine and let’s say the first dose was an eye-opener. I know people would have loved a vlog, let’s see what happens. Let’s get to the main story hopefully it will convince you to take the vaccine as and when it becomes available.

That faithful Thursday morning, I reported to the health facility armed with my Ghana card and of course my dislike for needles of any kind. Needless to say, I wasn’t exactly enthused but hey I agreed to it. My details were recorded, phone number taken and COVID vaccination card filled out. Then came the moment of Truth.
Needle>>>>>> Upper left arm.

Let’s say the nurse was so cool about it, keeping me engaged throughout the whole process. I barely felt anything when the needle pierced me and it was out within five seconds. I had to sit down for 15 minutes just in case there was any reaction. The hours that followed were relatively smooth and quiet. A lot of sleep in the afternoon, slight pain where I was vaccinated and a bit of tiredness. My biggest struggle was sleeping at night and dealing with a headache. Funny enough, I could barely sleep more than 30mins at a go and hunger set in just after 2am. Can you imagine? Extreme hunger around 2am. Ei! How I got to the morning is still a mystery. The second day was much better except for the mild tiredness and headaches which passed later in the day. No side effects whatsoever!

A month ago, I took my second jab and I barely had any pain at all. I feel got while writing and typing this and I’m done with COVID-19 jabs for the time being.

I’ve seen people post videos “creating the impression that the vaccine is magnetic”. There’s no proof in that and in all honesty you can prove that the said people have even taken the jab. My view on the jabs remain the same and I personally believe that there’s nothing to fear. We’ve taken Hay fever, polio and rubella among others and in my mind this is no difference. Trust your doctors and remember to trust and believe in God’s protection. Get vaccinated and let’s work towards getting out of this pandemic.


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