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What seemed like a crush evolved too quickly
Love came as a rush and got etched in me too deeply
With a beautiful lady, both in body and spirit, as its harbinger,
Love took my senses and embodied my desires

Late-night texts and calls at noon made the feelings accumulate
All logic left me when midnight calls waltzed right in
Like a martyr to the guillotine, I gave my heart to her without so much as a momentary hesitation
For I was already gone and I didn’t care about pessimistic speculations

If this is the prelude to something I’d dread,
I would enjoy it still
If I were to attempt to sate my thirst for more of this blissful feeling,
I would never have my fill
For what was once foreign to me, I now experience in full
I have fallen for this girl and it’s just beautiful

A deep piece put together but together by two talented writers💕💕💕 Enjoy this

Like a spring it welled up
Forming a brook then a river
For a young man, bold and strong
I was swept away in a sea of emotion

Day and night, glued to my phone -Even at the stroke of midnight
I took his heart and gave him mine
With all reasoning gone, I drank from the brook of love

I see a road
Where it leads, I know not
Nevertheless I skip along this path
For I am drawn to the treasure I seek
A journey of discoveries
An experience untold
This is love and it’s just beautiful

Paen Dee et Sey_fuaaa❤️✨


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