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Dear Crush

Writing this reminds me of the times, seasons and moments when I prepared to say hello to you.

Palms sweaty, beads of sweat covering my brow and my heart ready to jump out of my chest. You may not recall the moment because it probably didn’t mean anything to you. Thus, no need to dwell on past glories. I’ve studied you keenly and it almost feels like I know you inside out.

Your smile can unarm even the most evil person. You have a knack for knowing when to smile to make someone feel at ease.

In my relatively young but experienced life, I have met women but you continue to leave me tongue-tied. I could describe your beautiful face together with the contours that define your body, leaving fainthearted men faint. I think you know that fact already so let me introduce something new into the mix.

Your love for God

Your service in His house

Your walk on this earth in the light and way of God.

This sets you apart from others. We could go on and on and on, but why reveal everything all at once? I’ll be back with more compliments and dazzling words in my next epistle to you the Crushians. Let the crushing continue!!!!!

Yours In-The-Furtherance-Of-Crushing,



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