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Mentorship 101

Where do I start? I’m usually very good with words but since Friday I’ve been struggling to put words together.

Mentorship 101 is my baby and I desire to create a platform for impact through mentoring students on how to Start Right. The planning for this year’s edition was tough and draining for myself and everyone involved. Disappointments, obstacles and blockers tested us but we had to come through. It is my gift to the generation coming up and we cannot quit so soon.

The First set of final year students of Police Depot JHS

Many people have asked and continue to ask why I chose to do this with Make-A-Child-Smile Foundation? There’s no simple or easy answer to this question. There’s a fire burning within me that never stops pushing me to help others. Even when I feel I’ve done what I’m capable of, the urge to move a step higher doesn’t stop. I may not have everything everything I need to succeed on this path but I have relationships that will push this further.

Kwame Smith Acquah engaging a student during his session on Time Management

On Friday, we did a marvelous thing that I can never forget. Mentorship 101 took us to the Tesano Police Depot JHS where 250+ final year students hungry for a word of encouragement, a mentor, a big brother or sister, a friend were waiting for us. I had high hopes for this year’s edition and boy oh boy, we did more than I expected.
From our arrival, throughout the setting up process and finally to the kickoff, you could feel that it was gonna be a good day. My team from MACSF were ready for an action filled day.

Every speaker present had a unique story and the students loved them. Our speakers are just amazing people and I appreciate them so much. My brother Lawrence Baidoo was doing this for the first time and he told everyone about how just an engagement on my Twitter post concerning #Mentorship101 brought him on board as a speaker.

My brother Lawrence Baidoo ❤️

I can talk about the marvelous work Kezia Sanie is doing with For The Future Ghana and we’d never finish this piece. I’ve known Kezia for quite a number of years and I’ve closely followed her good works. I brought her on board to speak about her passion. It was almost like I had given her free range because she delivered excellently in both sessions. The highlight of her session was when she said she was single and the students didn’t believe her……(can you blame them?)

The beautiful and eloquent Kezia Sanie

My boss and senior brother, Kwame Smith Acquah has been an inspiration to me. I brought him on board to talk about Time Management ahead of BECE and it was an excellent delivery once again.

An inspiration to many Kwame Smith Acquah

Khanitat!!!!!!!!Wow…..she is just amazing. A strong delivery and after the session she was a star. (Many of the students wanted to get a picture with her.)

Our superstar Khanitat Sheriff

There’s a lot I have to achieve with the foundation. What we have done so far is just the start of more impact and intervention. The support we receive is amazing and we need more to do more. Come on board! Give us your support…. Let’s put lasting smiles on as many faces as possible.


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