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There’s a lot you can breach and probably get sorted with time.
One thing that is difficult to sort out is breach of trust.
The moment you break someone’s trust in you it becomes super difficult for that person to trust you totally. Many people seemingly take TRUST for granted but that’s the problem, they don’t value you trusting them.
The bigger the trust, the bigger the betrayal.
This generation only thinks of the consequences after breaking the trust a person had in them.
Forgiveness is very easy but trusting again…. very difficult.
People speak about love and trust walking hand-in-hand.
ABSOLUTELY!!!! Could it mean that if you find it hard to trust someone you can’t’t love the person and vice versa?
A straight answer to this is close to impossible but here goes something. It’s possible! But here’s the twist it hurts that you love the person but they broke the trust you had in them. It could be that trust was the foundation of the love.
The road to gaining trust is a long and painful one especially when the breach of trust is looking right at you and permeates every fabric of your life. For a love that was, is and could be, the foundation would need to be dug and built firmer.


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