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I’m usually very level headed when things get out of hand.
It’s probably what has made me an inspiration to many. But let’s be honest, sometimes we just can’t sustain it.

It’s been a testing past week or so yet I somehow managed to pull through. I’ve felt a mixture of emotions including but not limited to frustrations and a lonely feeling.
Yep! That’s happened.

I preach a lot about walking and living in love. The past few days have been so difficult and I’ve struggled to walk in love. On Sunday morning, my mom’s devotion verse was 2 John 1:6, which admonishes us to walk in love. It was like God was telling me to remember why I chose to preach love considering I’ve been petty, childish and vindictive but also hurt.

Well it’s a new week and I’m hoping I can walk in love regardless of what gets thrown at me.
Let brotherly love continue!


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