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From One Queen To Another.

It gives me joy, seeing many grasp at a title that is rightfully theirs
Stretching out to touch the envisioned worth
Yearning to curl their fingers around the treasure
It gives me joy, seeing many realize that every Queen has a crown

Every Queen has a crown and yes, all women ought to be Queens
But a woman without a crown is a Queen unseen,covered, hidden
A Queen unrealized
Every Queen must have a crown

In the distance, she walks
Her silhouette rising out of the shadows
Her form telling a story of her gender
Each step speaks of her ingrained qualities
Complete in potential, ready to burst with treasures

She comes into the light, her head held high
The thick curls of keratin shine black and bright on her head
Yet only they are present on that dainty scalp
Woman! Where is your crown?

The lone artist paints a picture; A woman
Firmly planted on a stool
Her stance – one of deep concentration
She works diligently with her hands
Prodding,pulling,bending and shaping the metal on her lap
With focus, care and precision
She makes her crown

The elliptical metal glowing with the fire of gold
An emerald here, an onyx there, a few diamonds
Each skilled movement bringing into greater value, the jewelled band
The Queen makes her crown

Crowns are made
Made with determination
Made with diligence
Tears, sweat and blood – precious jewels
Sealed with the identity of the Queen

So, from one Queen to another;
Work on your crown
Guided by the Chief Jeweller Himself
Find in the looking glass, His masterpiece
What shall it be? – A Queen with a crown
For the daughter of a King can only be an embodiment of royalty



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