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Trotro: Everyone’s friend 😂😂
Home of Eau de Kankan.
Proudly Made in Ghana🇬🇭.

Accra is actually such a very interesting place to work and live in. Despite frustrations caused by the unbelievable traffic congestion in the capital, there are many more interesting things that you’d find if you look hard enough. As a growing child, my only viable means of transport is the most popular public transport option known as the “TROTRO” or the bus. Let me quickly chip in that I’m seriously considering buying a bicycle if GPRTU doesn’t reduce transport fares soon.

There are many things that go on in the trotro that are very unique and don’t occur elsewhere. We’ve covered a lot of these UNIQUES in the previous series “Trotro Diaries” and now we cover something completely previously unchartered.

Despite being not too educated in most cases, mates are very good at math and sometimes you wonder how they do it. They know how much everyone is expected to receive as change and in most cases they are spot on. I’m even more interested in how they calculate the various fares from destination to destination. The “Law of Fare Calculation” is one even the smartest mathematicians haven’t been able to crack yet it is a tried and tested mode of operating that sometimes results in squabbles in cars but hey, it has a success rate of 99.9%. If you ask me how I reached the percentage, my response would be that I have no earthly idea. (Felt very smart tbh). Let’s do some quick maths shall we?

Opeibea,37, Water Works to Circle = GHC 5.00
Opeibea to 37 = GHC 3.00
37 to Kaneshie = GHC 6.00
37 to Darkuman = GHC 7.00
GBC to Circle = GHC 3.50
GBC to Kaneshie = GHC4.50

These are just a few of the less complex math calculations because I don’t like math enough to go deep. Now let’s get into trying to understand this. First off all, there is no way to understand this even if you try your hardest. Secondly, to a lay man this makes absolutely no sense! How is Opeibea to 37 GHC 3.00 but if I decide to continue to circle its GHC 5.00. I think we have to interview a mate in order to understand how they work things out.

One last outrageous fare is for my people in KASOA. Look at this and tell me if it indeed follows any logical reasoning.
Opeibea to Kasoa is GHC 13.00 and Circle to Kasoa is GHC 11.00. (Of course it depends on what kind of mate you get 😂.) In less than 100 words, give a logical answer on how this calculation was arrived at.

Leave your answers in the comments box and let’s see if indeed we can find an answer.



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