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S3 3ntoo wo a DA!

Recently I understood the meaning of the Twi saying “S3 3ntoo wo a da!” In English this means “if it hasn’t happened to you sleep!”

There are a lot of things we don’t understand because we haven’t experienced it. This makes our view uninformed and can complicate our input in delicate situations.

My experience may not be exactly similar to what others have been through but it was pretty enlightening. We usually go like; “I know how you feel and it will be fine.” I’ll be very honest and confess that I’ve also said that to someone/people in tough situations.

The real truth is that you can never actually completely know what someone may be going through. You coming in to say it’s gonna be fine is an encouragement but when you say you understand when you haven’t actually experienced it….it really sets the person off. We’re in a society where “I understand” is a term that gets thrown around a whole lot without actually carrying any weight.

I thought I understood some things people have gone through but I realized it’s probably just a fraction of the whole thing.
This generation is a troubled one, not helped by the ever changing society but don’t give up just yet! God is able to do what no man can do!


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