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Chapter 2:

If you missed Chapter 1 of The Lady Called Lady, click on this link

Oh hi Lady, I didn’t expect to see you here. I definitely didn’t expect to see my muse and my girlfriend together but after all they were friends!

What was supposed to be a “romantic date” with the girlfriend became a point of contact for picking up where Lady and I left it after our first meeting.
She knew I was happy to see her after a few months of patiently waiting for our next meeting. It was going to be difficult because her friend…my girlfriend was around. Of course she didn’t have any problems since she introduced us in the first place.

The three of us walked together and talked about quite a number of things. I made a few jokes and she laughed really hard showing a set of clear white teeth. We got to know each other better in an hour or two. Anyone who saw us would think we had something going on. I couldn’t help but notice how comfortable I felt around her and it did look like she felt same.

At this point were we friends yet or just acquaintances? This question bugged me and I wasn’t sure how to clarify our position, especially since I wanted to know her more.
“I have to leave now”, she said. I came straight back to reality once she uttered those words. I gave her a hug and whispered; “You still have to look up at me and it’s cute.” She broke our hug and burst out laughing. Once she stopped laughing she playfully told me she won’t hug me again because I made her feel short. This time she left and said see you soon.

I stood there confused 🤔. Was she referring to my girlfriend or me? Safe to say I hoped it was ME!

Disclaimer: This blog post is a work of fiction. Names, characters, places and individuals are either used fictitiously or the product of the writer’s imagination. Any semblance to actual life is events is completely unintentional.


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