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Abandoning The Ga subject for Twi!

I have failed an examination before (not just once).

A number of people who know me will dispute the content of this piece, but it’s absolutely true.

In primary school from about class two through to class five I failed to pass my Ga exam. I would pass every single subject but somehow couldn’t produce good grades in Ga. It was a bit of an uncomfortable situation for me, but no one could seemingly understand what was going wrong.

I barely had any issues with Ga in class one but when I moved to a new school for class two, the language wouldn’t “language” anymore. There were times where I’d zone out of the lesson because I couldn’t make head or tail of it. I’d get called to answer a question and fail miserably and probably get laughed at.

At a point we identified what the underlying problem was. At home I wasn’t trained to speak Ga as a second language. I spoke great English and good Akuapem Twi and of course a little Ga once a week because my mother said we needed a little of it to survive in Accra. My mother tried to get us speaking more Ga and it seemed to work but speaking vrs writing was a completely different ball game.

Finally we reached the crossroads and I switched to the Twi (Asante) class. That switch was a blessing! I sat in a class where I understood clearly what was being taught. I’d occasionally lapse into Akuapem but at least I could express myself much much better. One particular day, I answered a question on how the word “Heaven” would be said in Twi. I answered “Ɔsoro aheman ” and till today I remember that answer I gave and how it boosted my morale in the long run.

I ended up getting Grade 2 in my BECE…..I wouldn’t want to imagine how the exam would have gone if I had written Ga!

I’m sure someone will be asking if I can speak Ga now😂😂😂 Of course I can, I abandoned the subject and not the language. I had quite a number of Ga friends from my time at Accra Academy and I’m still perfecting my Ga.

I wish there was a morale behind this story but I was just thinking about my journey and decided to put this together.


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