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Category: 12 Days of Christmas


    In the last two days I’ve been deep in thought and I’ve wondered if this post would go up or not. This whole year has been an experience that will never be forgotten. There’s a lot out there about how bad this year has been, but the glaring omission is the good things that happened […]


  • Day One

    JANUARYThe longest year in the year 2020 came with a lot of promise. Yep you read that right, the longest year in 2020 is January. The usual New Year resolutions dominated and people kept complaining about being broke but after all these years it’s no longer a breaking news headline. I personally used January as […]

  • A Big End To The Year On The Hub

    So here we are again! Christmas has come and is waltzing away into the orange sunset. I’ve been absent since the Blogtober challenge ended and it hasn’t felt right at all. I would say I’ve struggled to write anything of any kind for almost two months. These struggles have been tiring, frustrating and unbearable but […]