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So I’ve not posted anything for a while not because I didn’t respect my readers but simply because I was suffering from writer’s block ( i know not exactly my best excuse). I wrote stuff down, some just didn’t look good enough to post or i simply didn’t finish them.

I think now I’m back in business, my mind is clear and you (my readers) should be getting a lot of stuff to read. It’s certainly going to be fun to read, some will be thought provoking but hey isn’t that what freedom of speech is about?

As a writer sometimes I feel that in maintaining your identity, you should also find ways to please your audience. What your audience thinks about you is very necessary ( but still maintain who you are as a writer.) I read a lot of my fellow writers articles and posts and I realized that in trying to get a greater following (audience), they try to expand their range and they fail (miserably). I’m not against broadening your scope, I’m just concerned about how you do it.

In writing over-trying to change or rather expand your range can lead to you becoming a jack of all trades and master of none…….. If you think expanding to another field will help you do it but that doesn’t mean forget your mastery in your main field. I’m actually guilty of that too but now I can see the light and I am back on the right track. Lemme end with this quote from. the mind surgeon, Dale Quist. He said; “If you must pursue anything in life, it should be the pursuit of IDENTITY. When that is settled, defining your purpose becomes easy to come by. It should be your MINDSET”




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