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Am I the only person who feels that everyone in this country is trying is trying to be a comedian or comedienne of some sort? Everywhere on social media, you have an individual or a group of individuals trying to be funny and usually failing miserably at it…… While I personally believe in comedy and content creation, I feel that not every “comic” content is funny! There are people who are naturally talented comedians, then there are those who learn how and work hard to be comedians and then we have YAANOM…..(unfunny and possibly untalented wannabe comedians). With talented comedians, it’s easy to recognize the natural talent they possess even before they start a performance or something. They simply don’t force anything, it all flows naturally. These people, I dare say, have the right and obligation to make people laugh.

Another group of comedians (entertainers), can be said to be those who work hard to make their audiences laugh. Most of these people can be found in our movie industry, though the scope goes beyond that……… And as for YAANOM de333, it’s a work in progress which needs to be halted. People believe that they have comic skills, when in actual sense they don’t. I’m not trying to throw shade at anyone, but as an entertainer, I think you need to know when to stop trying to be funny. As entertainers, what we may find funny, may not be funny in actual sense….. You feel me? There have been times where I’ve thought of a concept for my videos,gone ahead to shoot the video and later decided not to post the video. Why….. because…… I’m either not being funny or I’m just embarrassing myself. Let’s take these skits where a question is asked and cheeky answers are given in Twi…… Initially when it started, it was funny, however after a few months, it has become a boring and even worrying trend.

My policy is this, if you want to do comedy, you need to be tactful, precise and careful. When I started my Black Sarri series and the Dr. Duku series, I asked myself three questions (some may be two-in-one)

  • Am I being funny or embarrassing?
  • Will anyone be offended? If yes how do I prevent it?
  • Will people actually watch it and be able to understand the concept? Or is it too abstract?

Comedy is a full time job for some and it’s disheartening to see fellow comedians and entertainers being tagged as “fools” simply because YAANOM keep releasing videos that make comedy seem like an avenue for just “fooling”.

A worried Entertainer,
Prof. Dr. Kweku Duku (Esq.)

Today’s post is from the Entertainer’s perspective that’s why I wrote as Dr. Duku.


2 responses to “COMEDY”

  1. I totally agree with you. It’s very embarrassing when lots of “comedians” try to act funny. And surprisingly, many Ghanaians find them funny too.


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