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They said they were done
Said the right things
Very convincing
For a long time it seemed true
They kept their word
Then it happened…….

The first wave of the storm hit
And they went back slightly
But they came back without a word
Everything was fine
The storm passed

The second storm hit
This time with more devastating effects
It lasted longer and was more difficult
Things went South and they went back
We observed without them knowing
But we knew what was going on
Then they knew….that we knew
They sought to discover our feelings
We revealed it to them with all honesty.

They got bolder and went a step further
Pushed further and harder
They went back
They thought it was just a loan move
It has seemingly become a permanent move
They don’t realize the magnitude of the move
A nation could fall
The empire could crumble and disintegrate
Should this happen it could well be compared to the fall of the Old Ghana Empire and more recently the fall of the Afghan state

There is hope in all this
That the forces could still take the state back
It won’t be easy because the enemy has fortified it’s stronghold
We know how to take the state back
Only if the state is willing to return to it’s rightful place
We’re ready for the battle ahead
There will be casualties and we have one aim
Victory……Take back the State and hoist our flag once more
This time there is no going back


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