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Accra is a very interesting place to stay and work in. The interesting side of Accra, cancels out the not so interesting part which includes traffic, circle shenanigans and more traffic. A day in Accra without traffic probably means that there’s a fuel shortage in the kentry or it’s a sweet sweet holiday. Exploring Accra has been a wonderful experience with so many things to see and learn.

Can we do the interesting stuff already?
Moving around with public transport (trotro), exposes you to many things you wouldn’t know using private transport. Today we’ll talk about names of popular places you can find in almost every community in Acccraaaaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!

Ayigbe Town-bus stop…….This is one of the more popular bus stops in Accra and you can find it almost every where. From the name, it can be said that the community is inhabited mainly by the Ewe people. If you haven’t heard Ayigbe town bus stop, then you haven’t done enough trotro travels. You can find Ayigbe Town on the Mortuary road when you’re coming back from Accra, Bubuashie and Weija-Kasoa road. Just take a trip to any of these places and tell the mate
“Mate, Ayigbe Town Bus Stop.”

Welcome to Accra, where a place is called Mangoase. This translates to “Under the Mango (tree).” Did I say a place? Point of correction places. The most ironic thing is that when you get to mangoase you may not see any mango tree or mangoes. Just saying it’s a bit misleading (insert laughing emoji na you’re too serious 😂). Well when the place was named there was a mango tree there but now none. The most popular mangoase in Accra is on the Ablekuma-Awoshie stretch.

This is one of the less controversial and easily verifiable locations provided for this piece. I’m still not sure who decided that where there is an Ghana Water Company Limited (GWCL) office or establishment should be called water works. Occasionally you see water around this place and it proves that the water is working. If you want to find water works just pick a car from 37 bus stop towards Accra and tell the mate “water works”. Alternatively, just look for the GWCL signboard before Jubilee House.

I’m still trying to find who named this place because there are more questions than answers to this name. What makes it an official town? Do they wear official wear everyday? Does it mean that if I move to Official Town, I become an official? All these are critical questions that need answering. If you live at Odorkor Official Town please explain to us why it is called “Official Town.”

Share your thoughts on this and suggest any other places here in Accrrrraaaaaaaaaaa!!!!!!! that can be featured


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