Author: Dave Stylo


    After four full years on a university campus, there have been countless experiences and learning curves. Some of these curves were difficult to negotiate but hey here we are. I usually don’t go out of my way to address some of the important issues we face on campus but in this case a constructive and […]


    For some of us when there is peace we just don’t like it! We prefer to stir up trouble and provoke people (to anger). This piece is dedicated to causing trouble plus a shift in how people reply to certain questions in certain conversations. Everyone has something that is a conversation turnoff and today we’ll […]

  • My Journey

    Three years ago, I made a decision to start writing and put my works out there. I didn’t know if I could keep up with having to constantly research, write and post content that would keep my readers fully engaged. I was writing once a month, I had a whole stack of uncompleted and under-researched […]

  • MENTORSHIP 101…..

    A lot goes on in the month of September with most of these events and activities based on one theme; “September to Remember.” This September, Make-A-Child-Smile Foundation has plans to make a child smile and make it a September to Remember. Final year BECE candidates are gradually approaching the business end of their junior high […]


    Usually, a successful and an animated conversation requires inputs from the parties involved. But sporadically, certain conversations and engagements can be very boring. Especially when one person to the dialogue is making a resolute attempt to build a lively engagement, and the other party is uncommunicative, dilatory and reticent in his or her replies. Some […]


    They said they were doneSaid the right thingsVery convincingFor a long time it seemed trueThey kept their wordThen it happened……. The first wave of the storm hitAnd they went back slightlyBut they came back without a wordEverything was fineThe storm passed The second storm hitThis time with more devastating effectsIt lasted longer and was more […]


    We all play our roles in this life Some major and some minor Some roles diminish, others evolve Play your role to the best of your ability And make an impact while doing it


    On 11th March, 2021 I took my first dose of the Oxford Astra Zeneca vaccine and let’s say the first dose was an eye-opener. I know people would have loved a vlog, let’s see what happens. Let’s get to the main story hopefully it will convince you to take the vaccine as and when it […]

  • Here We Go

    I’m back!! Yep! Your favorite noisemaker returns after two months away from the writing desk. That period was stressful but full of new opportunities and projects that I love so much.After such a long period away, there’s a lot that we need to catch up on. Plans are far advanced for work to commence on […]

  • Depression: The Silent Pandemic

    This is a delicate topic and which is gaining more attention throughout this pandemic. Many people have shown signs of being depressed in the last year but people around them have mostly failed to notice the red flags which has made fighting this societal menace as difficult as eradicating the COVID-19 Pandemic. What then is […]

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